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Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Cardboard Doll House

It was one of those lovely weekends where everyone was sick... after a whole day of laying around watching T.V.... by day two I was bored out of my mind, not to mention that I was starting to feel a little guilty for letting my kids become couch potatoes. That's when I came up with this great activity...

simple... yet effective

Laying on the floor, the kids scribbled away for hours as they determinedly tried to cover every inch of the box (made with 100% recycled materials) until the (eco-friendly) markers ran dry.

This was so much fun! As I watched my son make a fort and my daughter make a fun house for her dolls, I was inspired to make one myself...

How To Make a Cardboard Doll House

Using a tri-fold display
board(like the ones used for science fair projects), a pencil and some markers I was able to create a cute little loft apartment in a few minutes... O.K. so it was a little more than a few minutes.

First, I sketched my
room layout with a pencil, then I traced over it with a marker, added a few furniture pieces and ...done...
yes, it was that simple... and the beauty of it is that it folds up when I am not using it for easy storage :o)