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Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Cardboard Doll House

It was one of those lovely weekends where everyone was sick... after a whole day of laying around watching T.V.... by day two I was bored out of my mind, not to mention that I was starting to feel a little guilty for letting my kids become couch potatoes. That's when I came up with this great activity...

simple... yet effective

Laying on the floor, the kids scribbled away for hours as they determinedly tried to cover every inch of the box (made with 100% recycled materials) until the (eco-friendly) markers ran dry.

This was so much fun! As I watched my son make a fort and my daughter make a fun house for her dolls, I was inspired to make one myself...

How To Make a Cardboard Doll House

Using a tri-fold display
board(like the ones used for science fair projects), a pencil and some markers I was able to create a cute little loft apartment in a few minutes... O.K. so it was a little more than a few minutes.

First, I sketched my
room layout with a pencil, then I traced over it with a marker, added a few furniture pieces and ...done...
yes, it was that simple... and the beauty of it is that it folds up when I am not using it for easy storage :o)


  1. I love how it doubles as a coloring book :)

    1. Wow I'm only tn and I think I could draw as good as her I will ask my dad and see if I could make some of these doll houses nd put a few of them together and make a Barbie dream house (out of cardboard) do you have a Facebook (to the maker of the doll house) you are very creative and I'd like to be friends with you on Facebook so you can send me some cool ideas I mostly spend all my time teaching my dog tricks playing with my chickens or reading or just sitting some were thinking my brothers have a Xbox but they a
      Ways play and I have no need to play ill play for a little every once in a while but not all the time so I have no dolls but I'll go yard saling and try to find some because I have some felt red cowboy hats that would fit them perfectly

  2. Do you sell these hand-drawn treasures?

  3. @ Angie Hall, I could... are you interested?

  4. Better than selling them, could you sell some kind of template or transfer? People could download them online, print them onto something and transfer onto the science fair tri-folds they pick up locally. That should be a strong profit margin (and less running around btw craft store and post office for you). We should put our heads together and figure out how this could be done. You have such a cute and unique drawing style...

  5. maybe a piece of white muslin, with t-shirt transfer paper. that would ship cheaply. Also, houses are not what I lack. I need backgrouds for: Grocery store, airport, doctors office, park, etc.

    You send it in b/w and we paint it with markers that work on fabric. There's a lot of potential here - bc your style is so CUTE!!

  6. hi MFS i want to share an idea for a drawer that functions , first get a box that you think a match box will fit , then using a cutter cut the front of the box that sized like the ends of the match box, then glue the outer part box of the matchbox, the tip of it inside the one that u cut inside the bigger box then put the main box of the matches then paint ... sorry for bad grammars

  7. i try to put ^^^that^^^, the idea in the drawer in youtube but theres an erorr

  8. wow, you all have a lot of great ideas !

  9. i love the house idea and i would make it but sadly i dont have enough romm for it and yes i watched the video for it but its still too big any ideas.......ANYBODY!!!!! sorry for yelling but i just have a lot of dollsin storage cause i dont have enough room in my room

  10. Love it! I'm so trying this. Sounds like the easiest craft yet! Also I'm making the $6.00 shelf / AG bed for my little sis 4 Christmas :)

  11. You should make it 3d pictures inside the doll house:D

  12. What do you use if you don't have a trifold

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  15. My daughter is so addicted to your site here it's so much fun having her excited to be crafting they were all home sick here this week with a cold so we took the boxes my husband brought home from work and made a clothing shop, purse shop,pizza shop,and a bakery but we cut out all the stuff that would fit the LPS sizes and had so much fun doing this thank you for all the ideas to help inspire my 8 yr old